3 Cumples = 3 Baby Abuelita Dolls August 02 2010

So baby K turned one this month and that meant not one, not two, but THREE birthday celebrations. One here at home in the district, one over Skype because I was away for work ALL the way across the country on her actual birthday (yes, you can feel sorry for me, because I woke up that morning wanting to cry being so far from my baby), and one big pachanga con familia in Miami.

I liked the Miami party the best because in Miami, we get to use our Miami Sabado Gigante voices. The baby K speaks gently when she babbles her Wall-E-sounding speak, and her family there says if she moved to Miami that would change. Ever been to Sedano's grocery store and stood in line waiting for a cortadito? E-zato! Now I'm not knocking those Miami grocery stores. I actually can't get enough of them, it's like Latino-infused crack for me since I'm away from all that here in DC. Plus, they all seem to carry (along with Target and other retail stores) what I think was the best birthday gift the baby K got. A Baby Abuelita Doll!

So baby K's abuela sent her the Baby Andrea for her actual birthday. Baby Andrea isn't as cute as a Cabbage Patch doll or anything, but baby K looooves her, adores her and dances to the nursery songs she sings so sweetly when she presses her hand. And just for the record, baby K does not like every muneco she has. She has a love/hate relationship with her Monchichi.

But Baby Andrea sings five different Spanish nursery rhymes: El patio de mi casa; Tengo una muneca; A la rueda rueda; Amambrocha; and Duermete Mi Nina. All of which, to be fully honest, I didn't know myself. Okay, well I knew the numbers part of Tengo una muneca:

Tengo una muñeca vestida de azul/ con zapatos blancos/ y un velo de tul/ dos y dos con cuatro, cuatro y dos son seis/ Seis y dos son ocho y ocho dieciséis

I knew that numbers part, I will sadly admit, from the my dancing days in the late '90s, from the song Esta Pegao. That's the equivalent of people who don't realize most of the catchy parts of Kanye's songs are ripped. Shameful.

Still, K's grandmothers know the songs so they must've just skipped a generation. I will forgive them for not teaching to me or baby K's papa these songs to pass on to posterity. Now they're back and baby K will know them too!

We just got back home from Miami and of course, I had to raid a grocery store before I left to buy two more of the Abuelita dolls. I got the Abuelito Pancho (see above, festejando), whose voice is a wee bit too viejito in church for me. His voice isn't anything like the baby K's real abuelito, even if his clothes are.

The Abuelita Rosa is absolutely cute in her vata I almost expect talco to powder out from it. But she's still in the box and is gonna call our basement home until Christmas.

Hey, gotta stock up on the finds when you find them.