Authentic Cuban Guayabera for Baby, Sort of August 03 2010

Baby Guayabera

While in Miami baby K's madrina, baby K and I made a pit stop at Guayabera World inside Dolphin Mall. I've been meaning to get the little monkey a guayabera but with the sweltering heat all week long it didn't even cross my mind to go outdoors unless I was running across the law to the pool or bearing down and taking the heat on my way to Sedano's to get yet another cortadito fix (you will soon see on this blog, it is coffee/espresso, not blood, that runs through my veins and I would be safe in Bon Temps).

It finally re-entered my brain on Sunday, our last day in town, and on that day nearly all the stand-alone storefront guayabera stores were closed. But the mall never let's a woman needing to shop down. I was stoked to find a pretty good selection. I got the monkey a halter dress and her madrina bought her the most adorable guayabera jumper (will upload pic later when she actually wears it), which she will probably outgrow in two weeks since she's at like the 97 percentile for her length, and still growing fast.

Both outfits were around thirty bucks, which is more than I usually care to pay for clothes she'll outgrow quickly, but this was soooo worth it. I got an authentic Cuban guayabera in Miami--and who am I to judge that the tag says Made in China, right? It's linen. Perez Prado goes off in my head. Good enough.

I asked the lady cashier at the store--she was definitely authentic Cuban--si tenian una tienda online, and she said gave me a long, blank stare and said mmmm, nooooo. But this other place here sells children's guayabera outfits. I can't vouch for the quality but if anyone else has bought a nice baby guayabera outfit do share where you got it from. This is one product that seems to be kinda hard to find online.