Soccer onesies August 05 2010

Nothing says allegiance like a soccer onesie. Baby K has had two so far--the first one is by Torcida Baby, and we got it in Brazil last year when we took a final 'vacations will never be this easy again' vacation to Rio de Janeiro. We friggin loved Rio, especially the absolutely gorgeous Confeitaria Colombo. Mmmmm. I was seven months pregnant but I'm sure if I went back today I'd still down three desserts in one sitting.

Baby K's padrino, who lives in H-town, gave her a Houston Dynamo onesie too. If you've never been to a Houston Dynamo game, NOTHING is more Latino and American than a Houston Dynamo game. You've got the misfit section of el Batallon, shooting off fireworks in the stands and shenanigizing. You've got the well-behaved suburban soccer moms, dads and kids. And then there's everything in-between. By many accounts, Houston is what America will look like in the future. And it is fabulous because of it.