Blabla Dolls, Mobiles y Mucho Mas August 06 2010

Blabla makes such wonderful children's products, but its usually just the uber-soft and adorable dolls that I find in the posh baby boutiques here in DC. The blabla dolls are knitted by Pervuian artisans (based in fair-trade ethics) and the craftsmanship is really superb. Some of the larger dolls are pretty pricey--around $130 (yes, $130, close your mouth now) but thankfully for us working class folk, most run between $25 and $50.

I've been eyeing them for soooo long and I've visited their website a few times, even placed them in my Cart on Amazon. In our house, we like to mix up the naco with the nice and this is definitely niiiiice. I really do like the larger ones so I feel a splurge coming on.

They have a really wide selection of dolls which I imagine makes it hard to choose just one, and you end up with an armful of blabla monkeys in pink, blue and green eventually. The other products are really fabulous, too.

The mobiles, in particular, are fantastic. The bird ones would go well with baby K's nursery, although Dos Borreguitas likes this one the best.

I actually made baby K's mobile myself from a Chinese Zodiac hanging decoration. It was definitely just for show though--I took it out every time I put her in the crib, which is sort of self-defeating. Should've gone for a blabla.