Shakira Hiding Baby Tracks Within Songs August 07 2010

The first song baby K ever loved, I mean really shook her body down to the ground to was Shakira's Loba. I'm convinced Shakira is planting hidden baby tracks within her songs to get parents to play them nonstop to keep their kids happy. During the World Cup, Univision ran the Waka Waka musiquita over and over and over and over for a WHOLE MONTH and every time baby K would hear it in the background she'd shake it. No other singer moves baby K like Shakira, except maybe Stevie Wonder.

On the other hand, this video is enough to motivate me to get my rear into running mode. Total hotness, I'm jealous. Girl must do hours of yoga everyday, meanwhile I get cramps in my thighs from holding pigeon position for too long. Wah wah.