Loteria Burpcloth: Makes Wiping Baby Babas Stylish August 08 2010

For the most part I stuck with plain old cloth diapers to use as burpcloths when baby K was so born because she went through them like crazy and I wasn't exactly trying to impress my two dogs at home with a fashionable spit rag draped over my shoulder (they were more interested in licking off the spit anyway). But, pulling a nasty yellowed burpcloth out at a restaurant or at the airport is just not cool, so I did have a few presentable ones to throw in the baby bag.

I love this Loteria burpcloth from Baby Besos, a "mama-owned" online baby boutique based in San Antonio. Instead of loteria, we called it chalupa where I grew up in South Texas. Loteria is our bingo, although I think my grandma always liked the VFW's Bingo bingo where you win big cash money, or toasters or lamps or whatever the Ladies Auxiliary donated, even better.

My grandmother does tell me, though, that she plays Loteria regularly at the senior citizen center, and the big wins are like 75 cents.  And that makes her happy. Its what she grew up playing, what my mom grew up playing and a game I played growing up. And baby K will know it too.

This is a good way to start exposing little monkeys to the likes of El Catrin, El Mundo, El Apache and the one everyone middle school kids remembers--La Sirena (hey, even Starbucks changed theirs when they went global).

So go on and wipe off those babas in style. And if you want more cool stuff with Loteria icons, check out Etsy. More on that later...

Limited Edition Loteria Burpcloth

Where to buy: Baby Besos online

Cost: $12