Discovering the Pint-sized Rocking Chair August 08 2010

If you've ever been to Nicaragua you know these cane rocking chairs are ubiquitous in the Central American country. These sillas abuelitas often take the place of couches in a living room, line the porches of beachfront properties in San Juan del Sur, chill in the hotel lobbies in Granada, etc. And they are amazingly comfortable, probably because the weaved cane cushions the toosh better.

This pint-sized silla abuelita is at baby K's grandmother's house, and it's more than thirty years old. I've tried to find these specific types of mecedoras online but they are tough to find--this was the only site I could come up with.  Which is exactly why I've started buying things like this when I travel, instead of these kinds of chingaderas. Oops, there's a curse word. Oh well, it's a word I tend to use a lot, especially when I start cleaning, sorting, cursing about useless things we've accumulated. So let's ease into it here. This a blog about baby products--babies and kids aren't going to be reading this, silly!

And if anyone knows where to find these here in the states, let a mama know. Gracias.