Hand-made Mexican Dolls August 10 2010

I had several of these Mexican dolls growing up. My mom would buy them for me when we'd trek across the Rio Grande into Nuevo Laredo for a day shopping trip. I never remember ever really playing with them, but I liked the ribbons in their hair. My husband says they look kinda scary with their crazy black dot eyes. These munecas are no Mexican Barbie, I guess, pero tampoco asi.

As I started to put together baby K's nursery last year I knew I wanted a few of these to put up in her room as a display on a wall shelf, which is exactly what I did. These dolls are hand-made by indigenas and, at least when I was younger, were sold by street vendors along the border. My mother bought two of these in Nuevo Laredo and the other two in Guadalajara, and then she shipped them to me.

You can order them online here. Cost for each is between $17 and $25. I've also seen these dolls in places like the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, and they ran about that much, too. Needless to say, if you buy them en la frontera they are much cheaper.

Okay ready for a close-up of the eyes my husband says are freaky: