The Hunt for Spanish-language Bookstores August 11 2010

On an outing one day without me, my husband E and baby K ran across what he describes as an amazing Spanish-language bookstore. And to my amazement, he found it here in DC, on New York Ave. in downtown and not online. I searched online for it--because of course he did not remember the name of the store. It's called Portico, and it's actually a partnership between the Inter-American Development Bank and Mexico's Fondo de Cultura Economica. Hm, interesting. And actually what's more interesting to me is that they call it a Latin American bookstore, not a Spanish bookstore. Guess the emphasis is on the region, not language. It's housed at the IDB headquarters here in DC. I'm going to make it a point to check it out soon.

So E bought two children's books there that are pretty cute, if not a little oddly titled (if your mind is of a Superbad level, which mine totally is). Here's a link to the Fondo de Cultura Economica's website. It lists other bookstores by them in Mexico, and titles they carry, which you can order online and they'll ship international according to the website. Woo-hoo! That's a great thing because finding a bookstore that carries quality books (even decent translated books) in Spanish is tough. And unfortunately, sometimes even finding any bookstore in the area is tough (I still can't believe they shut down the only bookstore in Laredo, Texas. WTH?).  So, if you know of other good bookstores across the country that carry a pretty good selection of children's books in Spanish, let me know. I've ordered a few books online and let me just say, it aint the same as checking them out in person.

This is one of the books E bought for the baby K. Laugh. Get beyond the title. Laugh some more. I laughed, and still laugh every time I see it because I'm a babosa.

It's a pretty good little book. I love the art--says its illustrated by Jonathan Farr. Its written by M. Carmen Sanchez.