Cri-cri el Grillito Cantor August 12 2010

I can only take about ten minutes of Pandora's Toddler Music Radio before I want to light my hair on fire and throw myself out the second floor window. The high-pitched voices and folk music combination is just too much for me.

Cri Cri, on the other hand, is a perfect compromise between my music and baby K's. It has that nice pre-50's orchestra feel, really Disneyish actually. Cri Cri is the singing cricket character by Francisco Gabilondo Soler, who was born in Mexico and had a popular radio show there in the '30's. I don't know too many of the songs, and the one I know best is "El Raton Vaquero." I've been doing this crazy skipping dance for baby K that makes her go crazy laughing and she tries to mimic it and falls. Again, I'm a babosa, and I dance like a babosa for the sake of making baby K happy.

You can find the songs and listen to the mp3s online here, then download the ones you like on iTunes or buy the CD on Amazon.