The Classic Mexican Dress August 14 2010

Wearing a classic Mexican dresses is effortless, and baby K is pretty comfortable playing in them, too. The bright colors they come in make me happy, and the embroidered flowers make me feel hippy. I see them a lot in fuchsia, bright blue or turquoise and golden yellow. You can find some really nice ones--for yourself of the little one--in Aida Coronado's Etsy shop.

I gotta say, when I started looking to see where you could get them online the word "costume" kept appearing. WTF? Totally made me remember a story I heard from a professor in college, who said she wore one to a faculty party, and one of her colleagues told her he loved her "costume." Seriously. Ethnic does not equal costume. That's jacked up. But oh well, here's a comeuppance: the stares my husband got when he wore the men's version of this shirt in the DFW airport. That's right. Ugly B wore her Guadalajara poncho with pride, and our girls are gonna wear those little Mexican dresses whenever. Wherever.