Gilson Martins Passport Holder--Because Baby's Gotta Travel Too August 18 2010

I bought this Cristo Redentor passport holder pre-K in a Gilson Martins shop in Rio--near Ipanema. Baby K got her passport when she was  six months old, and she's traveled abroad just once so far. So far. I really, really want to go somewhere soon, although last time I flew with baby K on my lap was last month and it was NOT FUN. I basically wrestled with a one-year-old for two hours, meanwhile I thought my eardrum was gonna burst (thanks a lot, allergies) in my head and that it was gonna bleed all out the airplane and I would be deaf forever. I was deaf afterwards for three full days. Not a good travel day.

But traveling with baby needn't be high drama. I need to start reading the HaveBabyWillTravel blog to figure this out. In the meantime, I'll just keep buying travel guides and dreaming. Here's my top places to visit, hopefully in the near future:

1. Tokyo (been on top of my list for like twenty years--thank you Hello Kitty)

2. Peru (Peruvian cuisine is the draw for me here. Mmmm ceviche. Okay, Laura Bozzo is what sold me on it years ago, too. Kidding. Sort of.)

3. D.F.

4. Madrid (I have to, HAVE TO go back here because I have this recurring dream that I have just landed in Madrid and it always looks different, and I'm in a rush to see soooo many things. I'm always with different people and they are ALWAYS HOLDING ME BACK. Hm. I'm sure a therapist would have fun with that one)

5. Dominican Republic (the husband wants a "Corona beach" vacation where all you do is scratch your butt all day)