In-N-Out Burgers vs. Whataburger (Code for Cali vs. Texas) August 19 2010

I've been in LA for past two days for work, and I miss baby K so much. I'm at LAX right now and gonna get on a red eye. Every time I hear a baby cry or child babble my heart beats faster. I mean, even Shrek 3 and the sight of little green Shrek babies with big eyes on the flight over made my eyes well up. I totally see why guilty parents take back armfuls of gifts for their children when they travel for work.

The upside to this trip is that during the little down time I had, I made use of it and hit up some targeted shopping spots (thanks, Mayra B., my East Los homegirl). I had some excellent tacos too. And I got drunk on horchatas and homemade salsa. Mmmmm.

I took lots of pics and made some good buys and I'll post next week. I love doing this product hunting thing--it's an awesome excuse to strike up conversations with shop-keepers. And shop for baby K.

But this pic I posted--well, its the only one I took with my iphone. I don't eat chicken anymore, and I rarely eat meat thanks to Jonathan Safran-Foer's book, Michael Pollen's books, and Food, Inc. I occassionally eat beef or pork, but rarely. Today was a rare day. I just had to have an In-N-Out burger because all my Cali friends swear they are better than Whataburger--what we have in Texas.

I got two words: HELL NO!

And to back that up, while I was eating at this place a homeless dude with crazy curly hair and some girth on him finally emerged from the women's bathroom (I was eyeing it--I needed to go bad after all those horchatas) and stormed passed this UCLA chick who screamed after him when she saw what he had done in the bathroom. He apparently bathed the walls and floor in In-N-Out food.

He didn't like it either. Ha! Whataburger wins! I should tell him to cast his vote on this Facebook page (damn, there's a page for everything).