Muy Delicioso! Dora and Diego Get Their EVOO On September 02 2010

Right now, there's a baby gate that bars baby K from the kitchen. It's so sad when I'm cooking and there she is, hanging on to the bars crying and trying to get to me. Or to the dog's water and food bowls. Probably the latter.

Once baby K gets a little older I'm going to get her a little apron and put her to work. Like my sister-in-law tells my nephew -- earn your keep! This Dora and Diego Let's Cook cookbook just came out, and you can order it from Amazon. According to the product description its for ages 4 to 8. Perfect for me.

Here's more on the description:

Guided by Dora and Diego, kids will help measure, stir, shape, and decorate 50 exciting and super-tasty recipes like Pirate Adventure Pizza Coins and Incan Quinoa Pudding-all while learning Spanish words and phrases.

But seriously, I really, really enjoy cooking, but over the past year I have been on a downward spiral away from Martha Stewart-worthy experimenting to more of the randomly thrown-together Rachael Ray-type dinners. You know, the burger mac and cheese artichoke dip drenched in EVOO with a pinch of salt hot mess kinda meals. Sigh.

I need new cookbooks. Actually, what am I talking about? I've been using the Whole Foods recipe iPhone app a lot over the past year. Maybe Dora will get her own app, too! It's not beyond reason. There really is an app for everything. Everything -- when I was pregolicious, I had an iContraction app. Because when you're cringing in pain, the last thing you want to do is look at a clock and jot it down. C'mon Dora, help a mama out.