A Little Bit Rancherona August 22 2010

I relented late, late Thursday night and let my husband take baby K to Miami over the weekend since he had to go there for work. I've been in touch with the monkey via phone and Skype. Really, it's not so bad having her so far away thanks to all this connectivity. Plus, I really like for her to be with the abuelos and tias and primos. She's getting in lots of espanol and is probably eating pastelitos by the dozen. Hey, when I was small my grandma gave me cafecito to drink while I watched Sesame Street, so whatever.

Her tia just sent me this photo of baby K visiting the caballitos. I knew deep down she was rancherona. The poor kid is actually enthralled by grass. Simple green grass. That's what happens when you live in a city, I guess.

UPDATE: Apparently she is NOT rancherona, and cried when she got near the horse and didn't want to ride it. We'll work on that.