Pan Dulce Cushions and "Fuzzies" Make Life Sweeter August 23 2010

This is my older brother's DREAM come true. He can literally eat pan dulce like Cookie Monster gets down with cookies. I literally raided Xochico's online store when I saw this collection. I couldn't wait for my order to come in--and it finally did on Saturday.

First, I gotta say, the packaging these products come in is amazing. It's better than wrapped presents. It's authentic. Everything comes in pink boxes--just like it's fresh from the panaderia. I love that attention to detail.

The one thing I wanted the most was the massive concha cushion for baby K's crib. Sweet--check out the pic of Raggedy Ann testing it out. No calories, she said. I love what the tag on it said:

"Pan Dulce"

Mexican "sweet bread" comes in many different shapes, colors and tastes. These pastries often take natural forms like Conchas (sea shells), Cochinitos (piglets), Cuernos (horns), and Orejas (ears). Even basic forms like Empanadas (turnovers) often use native ingredients, like piloncillo, making them distinctly Mexican. Pan Dulce is part of Mexican culture and we hope you enjoy our whimsical interpretation of these Mexican favorite. 

I also got a coin purse for myself and some fuzzies for our ride. Yeah, I drive a mini-van, a V-Dub and I LOVE IT. It's the only thing that fits me, husband, baby, mom and "the girls" (our doggas).

Xochico also has an oversized empanada cushion and a concha backpack, too. The prices for their products run from $4 to $18. These products are carried in stores in Cali, Arizona, Texas, New York, etc. Here's the list.