Huaraches for Baby August 26 2010

We all wore them--I had white huarachitos for Easter one year. Pink ones at some point in elementary. And I have some fabulous red huarache-inspired wedge shoes now. My husband is totally obsessed with minimalist running shoes now and if I tell him about these huaraches he'd probably make his own and start wearing the Jesus sandals. I didn't call them that--they did. I'm so inner circle on huaraches that never even crossed my mind.

Anyway, I haven't bought any huaraches for baby K just yet, and since summer is almost over and it's almost boots season (ugh, the south Texan in me cringes at the thought of that--not the boot part of course, the cold part) I'll probably just wait until next spring to get her a pair. Or maybe we'll brave sandals in December when I get her dressed up as Juan Diegito on Dec. 12. I already have the outfit!