Latin-American Folk Songs Book--Not What You Expect to Find at Airport Gum Shop September 01 2010

I was really, really tired and bleary-eyed when I trudged into DFW yesterday night on my way back to DC, but amazingly there was zero line at the American counter and just one person ahead of me at security. I felt like I was going through Tallahassee, or Laredo, or Baton Rouge's airports -- which have short lines, but not a single Starbucks, gasp!

Thank the coffee gods, there are plenty of Starbucks at DFW, and of course, chingos (the word my mom tells me is apparently my preferred word to say 'a lot') of Texas-themed gift shops. But there's also one at terminal C called South of Gate 6 -- like South of the Border, Mexican-theme, get it. But okay, I've been to this shop before. Sad when you remember the gift shops, but I remembered this was the shop where I saw the hand-made Mexican dolls. Maybe it was another South of gift shop, but whatever, who knew there was more than one. Airports screw with your tired mind like that.

I was actually surprised that this shop had a pretty good little collection of bilingual children's books, including this one by Jose Luis Orozco-- De Colores and Other Latin-American Folk Songs for Children -- which I bought for baby K.

I've seen this online but like I've said before, I think its so hard to buy books online. I like to sift through them first.

This book, I have to say, is a nice collection of songs, rhymes and hand games -- complete with the musical arrangement (for all the guitar heroes out there) and lyrics in English and Spanish. There's also little background info on the origin of the song. I also like the whimsical illustrations.

Some of the songs include: De colores; Los pollitos; Las mananitas; Sana, sana; El Coqui; Paz y libertad; Duermete, mi nino; La granja; etc. The one that's in here that baby K likes a lot is Los Elefantes. I've got a very annoying, high-pitched kid-singing version of it on my iphone. Baby K loves it -- that version -- so what's a mama to do? Play it again and again. I'm sure she gets just as annoyed listening to NPR.