Young Shakira Should Give Us Hope September 08 2010

I adore Shakira. She's talented, my baby loooooves her songs, she's hot (see Loba video) and she seems like she'd be a nice person, right? So when I saw this on Guanabee -- a video of an 11-year-old Shakira performing on Colombian television I nearly choked on my coffee.

OMG, this is soooo stank -- the dress, hair, the eyeliner and those moves -- that it makes me like Shakira even more. I may just have to join her fan club. Or Facebook page. Or whatever you do to show fan affection nowadays.

Mostly, I think this video should give parents hope that their awkward little Latinitos will turn out to be fine adults! Of course, I've also considered that when this was shot, Shakira wasn't really awkward, but actually looked really good with that big hair. That's scary that that look could have ever passed as anything but stank. **shudder**

Gotta love it.