Introducing, the New Gustavo Dudamel! Let's Figure Out the Marimba First September 06 2010

We bought this little marimba in Nicaragua last year. But okay, this picture of baby K "playing" the marimba was super hard to take because at this point, she doesn't really know how to handle the mallets. She gets that when you touch a piano key, it resonates with sound. But a marimba is just silent wood unless you bang on it with something hard.

We'll keep at it.

In the meantime, she really enjoys the tamborine, although I am apparently a horrible tamborine player. She also has maracas and a Schoenhut baby grand with a tiny baby-sized bench in her nursery, thanks to her madrina. And we have a regular upright piano that is mostly for decoration.

Hey, all we can do is expose her to music and musical instruments and maybe she'll gravitate toward something and latch on one day. And maybe she'll be the next Gustavo Dudamel and maybe one day she'll have her picture plastered all over bus stops in Los Angeles!

A parent can hope. En serio, he's an amazing role model -- we like him!