'Los Doyers' Trademark Means Spanglish May Soon Become Official U.S. Language September 07 2010

The Los Angeles Dodgers owners have officially trademarked 'Los Doyers' -- which I say is a total nod to the huge Spanish-speaking population in LA, and a score for the Spanglish language. VinScullyIsMyHomeboy was the first to take note last week of the corporatization of the name, and turns out he was right on:

I saw something at Dodger Stadium last Wednesday that I had never seen before. Heck, maybe I'm late on this but this is new to me. As you know, you can buy a "Los Doyers" shirt at the local mall, at the L.A. streets, swap meets, Tyrone from Sunset blvd, anywhere.
What does "Los Doyers" mean? It just means "The Dodgers". Simple as that. If you ask my mom to say "Dodgers", she will say "Doyers".

And the Los Angeles Daily News explains the origins:

From our reference point, the phrase has been made popular by local sports-talk show host Petros Papadakis, who since his days on The Ticket 1540-AM liked to riff on the way Dodgers coach Manny Mota has pronounced the team's name for years.

I like Urban Dictionary's description best:

A common nickname for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Jokingly caught on because of the huge percentage of Mexican American fans. A purposeful mispronunciation which now appears on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and jackets. At any given game a huge portion of the audience is Mexican American or Latino.
Vamonos! Today is free blanket day. Let's go to the stadium and see Los Doyers play. I have free tickets!

So the question is, what happens to all the vendors who have been selling 'Los Doyers' t-shirts and other chingaderas for years? Does this mean no more 2 for $10 specials??? And where can I get a size 2T shirt for the little one???