Lucha Libre Masks -- For the Kids or Days When You Don't Feel Like Putting on Make-Up September 16 2010

Yes, there are days when I feel like grabbing one of these and wearing it into the office. So much easier than make-up and fixing the hair.

I've mentioned here before my fascination with lucha libre and the idea of masking your true identity, as the luchadores do with their fantastic mascaras. The masks are like a second skin, and the way it works is that if a luchador loses a big match he risks being unmasked. It's a pulling back of the curtain, stripping away the armor and revealing humanity in all its vulnerability. It's Clark Kent behind Superman. But luchadores go the distance to keep their true identity under wraps, including wearing their masks out in public. The greatest luchador, El Santo, didn't reveal who he was until he was already retired and an old man. He was buried in his famous silver mask.

I love lucha libre iconography. Put it on a shirt, a switch plate, some chones, a bag, whatever -- I'll take it. If you see any cool products using lucha libre send me pics or links.

And speaking of the double-identity, can't wait for the new season of Dexter!!! Every episode, my husband swears he's DONE with Dexter and that it's too stressful for him to watch. But he keeps coming back for more. We all are. Good stuff. Last season will be hard to top.