I'm Done Lugging Around a Big Baby Bag September 12 2010

Maybe it's something you only do with your first-born, but we've been lugging around a full-on baby bag for the past year. There's everything in that bag -- bottles, diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, eating utensils, a thermometer, tylenol, throw-away paper bibs, cheerios, a juice box, apple sauce and some small toys to entertain baby K. I think we've been over-compensating ever since that day when she was two weeks old and we walked out of the house to a restaurant without any bag at all. Oops.

But I'm done. Tired of lugging around the big bag -- so I've taken to stuffing this little one with a few diapers, some wipes and her bottles or juice in the bag and vamonos. Okay, there's a change in clothes rolled up tight in there, too, because two weeks ago baby K barfed all over herself in the carseat as we were pulling up to the doctor. The barf smelled like a bonafide French cheese store and poor baby had it all over her. We unclothed and cleaned her, but because I thought it would be a quick trip to the doc (we were there for a follow-up, not for this sickness) -- we didn't take any extra clothes. So we ended up looking like trailer trash parents taking our kid to the doc in just a pamper. Lesson learned.

I've gotten a lot of compliments on the Charro bag, as I call it. It's so small compared to the big ole bag we lugged around for a year. I feel like charro girl on the bag looks. Liberated!!