I **Heart** Crafty Bastards and Etsy October 04 2010

I am a sucker for DIY. Once in a while, I'll dig out my crafting crap from the basement and give it a whirl. It's all those specialized tools I bought at Michael's -- that in the store I was totally convinced I needed -- but have no idea how to use mostly because I'm not patient enough to follow written directions. Oh yeah, I also have a pretty sweet Singer sewing machine that my husband bought me for Christmas around the time Project Runway made its debut. Yeah, me and how many other people thought that they'd somehow learn how to sew and become brilliant designers overnight, make it on the show the following season, and become Tim Gunn's darling. Ha! The clothing I attempted to make was hideous and unwearable. Carry on, carry on.

These days, I have no delusions about having time to learn how to sew or even cook a meal that takes longer than fifteen minutes to slap together. Good thing that now I feel a vicarious sense of accomplishment just by watching h HGTV or Food Channel -- or Biggest Loser :)

But if I really feel like actually accomplishing something, I can always go to a crafts show. I don't mean an old school crafts show, either. I'm talking about the Crafty Bastards Arts and Crafts Fair that happens every fall in DC. It's like the physical embodiment of Etsy -- with tons of indie artisans and young hipster crafters hand-making everything from felt or crocheted toys; recycled silver or clay jewelry; original prints to hang on your walls; screen-printed t-shirts or onesies; reusable coffee sleeves; headbands and tons of other stuff. Lots of recycled, lots of felt, lots of hand-sewn, lots of unique singular style.

And lots of overusing the words cool and cute. But it's pretty much true -- everything there is pretty much cool and/or cute.

Last year, I bought the most awesome stuffed and mounted unicorn head that hangs above the toddler's crib. Love it so much, I'll even overlook that Candycorn's story is that this unicorn is meth addict from the Plushkill Forest and could possibly scare the child as soon as she realizes its not like her other toys.

I also got a fabulous for-mom family birdie necklace for myself -- great gift, btw.

This year's show was this past weekend and the husband bought a cute bunny love t-shirt for the toddler.  And I totally regret leaving without buying this nameplate necklace that says Mala. I'm totally going to get it on the Etsy store. Makes me think of the song by DLGJuliana que mala eres. Que mala eres Juliana.

THANK GOODNESS FOR ETSY. And the Etsy Addict iphone app :) It's like the Crafty Bastards that keeps giving all year long.