The Latina Madonna Unveiled (No, Not Guadalupe, Silly. Lourdes!) September 24 2010

I love watching junk TV and reading smutty chisme sites online -- me encanta. Over the past few days I've seen a lot of promo-ing for Madonna's clothing line Material Girl, available at Macy's, por si acaso. It's also been an unveiling of sorts for little Lourdes (Leon, remember? of the personal trainer/actor-ish father Carlos Leon). Lola is now all of 13 years old, going on 14 next month, and is all fashionista and dying her hair and into Dirty Dancing and hot pink biker shorts.

**EW** To the biker shorts part.

I'm not creepy, I know all these little details because mini-Madonna is putting it all out there in the Material Girl blog under her own section Blog, Lola, Blog. It's cute how she's so into the '80's. Guess if your mom was Madonna you wouldn't have a choice, huh. WORSHIP ME, CHILD!!! I'm sure a Madonna time-out is on a whole other level. Like in a cage, or something. And that British-ish accent frightens me. Although that seems like it faded along with the memory of what's-his-name, dad#2.

Watching Lourdes makes me feel like I'm dreaming, and Madonna is in my dream only she's not quite Madonna, she's a Latina version. Hmmm, if I were Lourdes I would totally go as Guadalupe for Halloween. Is that blasphemous?