Sophie the Giraffe: Best Teether and Baby Gift Ever September 27 2010

The little one was a slobbery five months old when her madrina gave her Sophie la Girafe as a gift. Unlike the other  plastic teethers that hang off the cold metal hooks at Target or Wal-mart, Sophie is very sophisticated. She comes in a box, and she was born in France in 1961. Ooh, la la!! But now she's a big international sensation among the under 12 month crowd.

There's something about Sophie that just makes her so comforting to grouchy little teething babies.  Maybe its her velvety soft texture, or the pleasant (versus annoying) toot she gives when squeezed. Or her sweet looks.

She does have a bit of a status teether reputation, though, having been in the hands of celebrity's little babes. But really, she does live up to the hype and is totally worth the $20 - $25 price tag. The toddler K hated all the other teethers we got and would throw them on the floor.

On the box, she's billed as baby's first sensory development toy that stimulates all of baby's five senses. Her contrasting spots will make her a recognizable and reassuring object. She's got lots of limbs for baby to grip well, and for baby to chew on with a vengeance. She smells nice like natural rubber. And she squeaks -- which actually the dog likes more than baby.

You can find Sophie in the posh baby boutiques and Nordstrom, or you can keep-it-real and be like me and just her on Amazon or Babies R' Us. I just bought a new Sophie this weekend to give to my newborn nephew, and I'm putting it in the mail tomorrow. So that's my suggestion--if you need to give a gift for a baby shower, go with Sophie. Babies love her, and she's nice on the eyes.

Nowadays, at 15 months, the toddler K prefers a French fry in her mouth in lieu of a French giraffe. Those teeth are working out nicely.