The Chavo and Chilindrina Conversate October 01 2010

At some point, I ran across a super cute plush doll of El Chavo del Ocho at Target online, but it seems to have disappeared. Or else, it was just a limited-run type of deal. I got these Chavo and Chilindrina runner-up dolls in a tendajito in downtown Los Angeles, and yup, they're pretty fugly. I mean, they're kind of endearing, but they're those knock-off dolls that have that not-quite-right look to them. You know, remember the Cabbage Patch knock-offs that didn't have the Xavier Roberts signature on the butt? That was classy rip-off compared to these.

But my opinion doesn't really matter here, because the toddler K is head-over-heels for them. I mean, she's really digging these two, slobbering them with besitos.

I'm trying to imagine the conversation these two are having as they hang out. Que piensas?

WWCS (What Would Chavo Say?)??? Ya me imagino...