On This Day, Walter Mercado Wants You to Know ... October 08 2010

Forget about all those Facebook "On this day, God wants you to know" updates from your friends that keep popping up in your status updates. Walter Mercado -- in all his lionish and gilded robe glory -- had that market cornered a looooong time ago.

No one can transfix a television-viewing audience like la Walter. I mean, he could totally be a tranny character in an Almodovar movie, but in a weird way he's kind of like family because he's been a fixture in homes, via TV, for years and years. So, its him that I turn to when I want to know what the day will bring. And soon enough, the toddler K will learn to recognize Walter Mercado, too.

So shhhhhhhh!!!

Time for our favorite psychic to do his run down of what life and love will bring me on this day. Y hoy dice que no debo complicarme la vida.

CANCER: Venus, retrógrado en tu casa de la diversión y los placeres, podría jugarte una mala pasada. Asegúrate de no hacer bromas de mal gusto a nadie. Cuida con esmero aquellas personas jóvenes o niños que estén a tu cargo. Planifica eventos donde tus responsabilidades sean mínimas. No te compliques la vida por gusto. Números de suerte: 11, 50, 3

Aye, now I'm worried and will have to watch my steps today. Y cuidar muy bien a mi hija. Thanks for the warning, Walter. And for my Pick 3 lottery numbers. A ver lo que te dice a ti aqui.

Wishing you a happy Friday, a great weekend, pero sobre todo, mucho, mucho amoooor!