MADRID: Onesie Te Dice "Callate La Boca" October 18 2010

The name of this store  -- Callate La Boca -- immediately caught my attention as soon as I saw it because it made me think, oh, isn't that what King Juan Carlos infamously told Venezuela President Hugo Chavez back in 2007? Must be a play off that. But no such thing -- although that would have been something. What the king actually said  was, "Por que no te callas?" which if you think about it, is actually much, much nicer and more polite than telling someone to shut their mouth.

I like the name Callate La Boca -- it's bold. That and the bold, primary colors of whimsical items staring out through the window was enough to draw me in. The store is located next to the Plaza Mayor and right next to the Mercado San Miguel, which was refurbished in 2008 and is a beautiful market enclosed in glass with delicious -- and I'd even venture to say exquisito -- food and drink.  More on that later.

Callate La Boca's designs are simple and of simple everyday things. A huevo frito, a loaf of Pan Bimbo, un caramelo, animals, etc. They make shirts for adults and kids, bibs and onesies, lunchbags, pencils, wall clocks, wall prints, rugs, etc. etc. I totally love their VW van rug, and it would be perfect for us since we drive a VW Routan, which doesn't have as much personality as the old school V-Dubs but it's been good to us.

I didn't love the quality of the t-shirts -- cotton is too thick and I prefer the thinner, softer kinds, or poly blends. Or pima cotton, even better! So I bought the toddler K a simple onesie that says "Callate La Boca" -- which she will NOT be allowed to ever tell me, but on a onesie, okay. And I got a few stove-top cafeteras, the kind you use to make cafe con leche, to give as Christmas gifts. The girl at the store was very nice y le regalo a the toddler K a pencil with an eraser on top of a huevo frito. Toddler K loves huevos fritos and could eat huevos every day for every meal, so it was perfect. She started chewing on it immediately.

It seems that outside of Spain the only other CLB store is in Singapore. But you can order CLB products through their online store.

Note: I had four cafes con leche yesterday and couldn't fall asleep last night!!! So I was good today, and only had three :)