It's a Boy! Javier Doll Joins the Singing Baby Abuelita Family October 27 2010

We really like the Baby Abuelita doll series in our house -- and I've written about them here. The toddler has Baby Andrea and Abuelito Pancho. The traditional Spanish songs they sing are terrific, because lawd knows I can't carry a tune.

The Baby Abuelita company has just added a little boy to their series of singing plush dolls, which up to now included abuelo, abuela and three different baby girl dolls. Javier looks older than the girl dolls, with his jeans and polo shirt and tousled hair. But I dunno, I kind of prefer the more traditional look of the other dolls. The baby girls in their cute vestiditos and Abuelita Rosa's vata and Abuelito Pancho's guayabera are so spot on. I want to put the abuelos in chairs at the kitchen table and serve them some cafe con leche con unos pastelitos and platicar with them.

I actually did a double-take when I saw these dolls at a Target store here in the D.C. area recently. I was like heeeeeeeeeeey Abuelita! How'd you get up here from Miami? I had previously only seen them in Miami, and at that, in the grocery stores in Miami, although I knew they did sell them in other places, like Wal-mart and Toys "R" Us, and other cities, like Houston. But DC isn't exactly a Latino mecca. Glad to see them, though. It was like seeing familia -- isn't that sad?

Now if I could only get a decent taco around here. I know, that's like my daily ask in these blog posts. Dolls que cantan y tacos. It's not too much to ask for, right?