Mimi La Gusanita Dice: Mueve el Culito! October 29 2010

Mimi is la pequena gusanita that promises to teach your child to dance. She turns around in circles, moves her arms, flaps her wings, shakes her tail and tells your child to move her "culito."

Hold up.

I don't know about you, but from where I'm from that's like telling literally a kid to "shake your ass." I'm sure the espanoles mean it more like "shake your tailfeather." Right? Riiiight. Culo is culo. It's like, not a good word. And even -- especially -- Pitbull singing about it on the radio didn't change that for me.

Anyway, this is the toy the husband thought was just so awesome and incredible when he and the toddler K got loose in the toy section at El Corte Ingles in Madrid without me. The toddler K does love to dance, and she moves it to the faintest hint of music -- my phone ringing, the credits to a telenovela, grocery store soundtrack, the alarm which is set to the iPhone 'marimba' tone, etc. etc. She even dances when there is no music, but good food that she is really digging eating. Hmmm, sort of like me. That's gordita gene in there trying to come out. Sorry I passed that one on.

Mimi is cute, but kind of tonta as she always bumps into the furniture even though she's supposed to have some magnetic pull to the varita / wand my child is holding. But I do like that she sings in Spanish, and that such a little thing scares our 60+ lb. dogs, hee hee. It's the voice of Gisela, whoever the heck that is.