Trucos o Caramelos, Otherwise Known as Tricotri!!! November 01 2010

By now, everyone has seen what everyone else's children wore for Halloween via Facebook, I'm sure. The toddler K's pic even ended up in someone else's photo album for Halloween costume picks, via my husband's FB. I didn't even post pics of my own child, good mom that I am.

It was late when we got home from tricotri. That's Spanglish for trick-or-treat, which is apparently not good enough for Dora, who herself says trucos o caramelos, the goody model two-way immersion child that she is. But it was either spend an hour on the computer uploading pictures and getting all sidetracked like I always do, or settle in with my child's bag of treats and watch Dexter. I chose Dexter. And I nearly had a heart attack watching it yesterday. If you watch the show, you know what I'm talking about -- it was soooooo stressful. If you don't watch it, sorry I wasted thirty seconds of your life on a show you could care less about. Although you should. Its really great stuff. No Showtime? That's why Netflix was invented, baby.

So anyway, I'm a day late in posting about Halloween, BUT I am a day ahead of Dia de los Muertos. So for the bicultural purist, I'm actually right on time!

Halloween was great. This was the toddler's second one. Last year she was a pink monster and this year she was Spot, the puppy. Her grandmother in Miami sent both costumes and we, of course, were thrilled we didn't have to figure out what to put on her. We have two other dogs, who themselves dressed up as a pumpkin and bumble bee. Yes, they picked out their own costumes at Old Navy -- last minute sale of five bucks each. And yes, taking a picture of a toddler and two dogs with doggy ADD is totally impossible to do. But I did it, and now I am thinking it screams Pulitzer!

We hit Georgetown for dinner in the early afternoon, before it became a total zoo and party zone for the college and adult crowd. But actually it was crazy pretty much all weekend in downtown DC, spilling into Georgetown, because of the Jon Stewart Rally to Restore Sanity and Marine Corps marathon, along with other area events.

After dinner we intended to go back to our neighborhood to tricotri, but our little puppy was starting to look tired so we just took her to a few houses in Georgetown. Which was awesome, because people who own two million dollar scary-looking row houses in the neighborhood where Reagan's family lived in the Exorcist sure can throw down on Halloween! Not throw down a flight of steps. I mean, cobwebs everywhere. Fake and scary black cats and New York-sized rats. Orange lights strung along fences. Pumpkin carvings that put ours to shame. Spooky music. It was so awesome that the toddler freaked out at the first house we went to and totally came crawling backwards down the steps crying. Pobrecita. And the little boy handing out candy was like, "Here, just take as much candy as you want!" And amazing, but at fifteen months the toddler does know what chocolate and candy are. She will tear into it with her brand-new teeth.

When we got home we got a couple of tricotri-ters. Not a huge thing in our neighborhood, but always great to see the little ones dressed up.

Next up tomorow, Dia de los Muertos!