The Perfect Bag for Dia de los Muertos. And No, I am Not a Witch. November 02 2010

In the spirit of Dia de Los Muertos, I think I'll use this bag with calaveras that I bought in Los Angeles a few months ago. I bought it at the same time I got this other bag that I've used as a baby bag for a while now. This will not become a baby bag. This is mama bag.

Not planning on doing much of anything this DDLM as I'll spend most of the day traveling cross-country to Los Angeles for work. Oh, joy. At least I'll have great food waiting for me when I arrive, and maybe I'll get some time to catch up on my downloaded This American Life episodes.

But, just because I haven't gotten my act together in writing about DDLM this year doesn't mean I don't care about it. I really look forward to anything and everything DDLM, from remembering loved ones to building altars and especially las catrinas. I have a rather large one in my living room that stays up year-round, and I think people think its Wiccan or something. For the record:

"I am not a witch, either. Just Mexican. American."

If you are in the mood for DDLM I recommend visiting the Viva La Vida by MJ blog, which has a lot of great posts about Dia de Los Muertos, in case you want to read up on ofrendas, pan de muerto, calaveras, catrinas, etc.