Ya Me Canse De La Cocina November 12 2010

Not that I do that much cooking anyway -- just whatever I can throw together after work with minimal prep. But this is definitely going to be a take-out or eat out weekend. I'm tired, and I need to hit up the grocery store. With the toddler we don't even bother to go to nice restaurants anymore. We stick to Baja Fresh, Qdoba and Chipotle, mostly. Better known as, Bueno y Barato. The toddler K loooooves her some rice and beans and guacamole so it works out for all of us.

On another note and for the random food story of the month, we went to a Mexican/Salvadoran restaurant (which means they don't really serve real Mexican food) a few weeks ago and this drunk dude at the table next to us kept trying to pet my child and tell us about his own child that he left back home. You know the story, and I can totally empathize. He obviously felt like platicating (that's our Spanglish way of saying platicando/talking) but I just didn't want to engage because not only was he drunk, but piss drunk, so I just kept my answers short and mostly tried to ignore.

Next thing I know, he walks out the front door of the restaurant and the owner follows him, they exchange words and soon the owner is walking back inside trying his best to hide this HUGE KITCHEN KNIFE that was basically a machete.

A machete! WTF? So the dude trying to pet my child had that on him while he was trying to platicate with us. I just wanted a friggin burrito, not all that drama. Cops came, did nothing because drunk dude who had machete was gone, and we left quick as we could.


What would you do if that happened to you?