Latinas Kicking Asphault! November 21 2010

I have to give props to my fellow Latinas -- some who are also mamas -- who have done the full and half-marathons in the past few months. I've seen quite a few friends and acquaintances tell of their successes kicking asphault via Facebook, and it makes me totally happy to see it.

I really didn't have high expectations for running the Philadelphia half-marathon this Sunday other than to finish by any means possible, but it actually turned out better than I thought.


Kidding, of course. But I actually ran -- jogged -- about 95 percent of it. That's basically like winning it to me. I found my happy pace and kept it up without stopping. Okay, maybe I walked up two hills, but that was it. Had to conserve my energy.

I didn't get much sleep the night before thanks to having the toddler K sleeping in the bed with us and her deciding to breakdance the whole night instead of sleep. Plus, I'm still battling a cold and a really horrible cough so I kept waking up with a dry throat and hacking all night. So when my alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. I really hadn't even fallen asleep.

It was 38 degrees outside in the morning, so I layered -- three shirts and a jacket, including the shirt that I wanted and then found at the expo the day before the race. If found on the ground please drag across the finish line. Totally my frame of mind going into it. But I think it was a combination of the cold weather and adrenaline that pushed me through. And thinking happy thoughts about my little girl. After mile 3 I knew it would be alright. Especially with Lady Gaga and Ke$sha on the iPod mix. Don't judge me -- it'll light a fire under your butt and get you moving!

Plus, the race route for the half-marathon is simply fantastic. What a great and charming city to run in. You start out by the Rocky steps at the art museum -- and yes, the Rocky theme played as we took off. Then its through South Philly and a long ways up Chestnut. Right on 34th through the frat houses of Drexel where the college kids are blasting loud music and drinking beer and high-fiving you. Past the zoo, through some wooded areas, and back to the Rocky steps. Lots of people cheering on the sidelines. Totally feeling the brotherly and sisterly love.

Finally, after months of feeling completely blah about my running, it felt good to be doing what I was doing, even if I had a few cough attacks and had to stop to catch my breath. At mile 12, my legs were tired and my knees and ankles hurt. A lot. Then I reached the point where the half-marathoners and marathoners part ways. And I thought, I can't imagine doing another 13.1 miles. How on earth does a woman's uterus hang on for that long?

I have total and complete admiration for anyone who does the full marathon. It's an insane test of mental and physical endurance and will.

Now it's back to life without a running schedule! I'll be opting for yoga instead for a while. And enjoying the upcoming holidays with my familia.

And blogeando, of course :)

Oh yes, and Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!! We had a great brunch after the run. Next year, I'll be watching him run the race as I sip my latte from the sidelines.