Baby, It's Cold Outside! November 27 2010

No black Friday shopping for me yesterday. Instead, I took the toddler to play with a friend and have lunch, then we came home and put up the tree. With the husband recovering from surgery on his collar bone, I didn't even attempt to be all supermom and go out and buy a real tree, throw it up on top on the minivan and tie it down on my own. I just pulled out the pre-lit artificial one we had in the basement. Super elegante, I know. But when my husband bought it a few years ago we were uber-broke and I was adamant that we weren't going to spend unnecessary money on a tree. We were going through a lot in my family too -- it was a few weeks before my father passed away and he was very sick. So I came home one night after visiting my father and my husband had this little tree up. He said not to worry about the money, we'd recoup it eventually if we used it again.

No other Christmas tree has ever made me feel so uplifted. And even if it is a bit on the bare Charlie Brown side, it's got a lot of meaning now to me.

The toddler K was so excited to see me piece it together and plug it in. Last year, she sat slumped in her bumbo chair watching us put up the lights and decorations on the real tree we hauled in. This year's tree is all bare on the bottom branches to keep her little wandering hands off those decorations.

I put on Pandora to "All I Want for Christmas" radio. Two things: One, I really, really love hearing "Last Christmas" on the radio or catching it playing overhead in department stores this time of year. But TWICE already I've heard the Glee version, versus original by Wham! I haven't even heard the original yet on the radio.

Nooooooo! This can't be happening.

Can't we start a Facebook campaign to ban it from the radio? No offense to Gleeks, but it's gotta be the original. Oh, and check out that Youtube video of the Wham! song. The '80's were so fantastic AND horrific, huh?

Also, Elf is fast becoming one of my favorite holiday movies because of all its glorious pendejadas. I can watch it a million times and it always makes me laugh. And that's what I want most during the holidays.

My sister-in-law is obsessed with Zooey Deschanel -- she's her fashion icon. She is pretty fabulous, even if she is a bisnitch in 500 Days of Summer (another movie I LOOOOVE). I like the way she sings -- this scene from Elf of them singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is too funny. I'm gonna have to download it from the Elf soundtrack.

Oh, and am I the only one who thinks Zooey Deschanel looks and talks just like Debra Winger?