Con Mi Burrito Sabanero Voy Camino de Belen December 01 2010

El Burrito de Belen is officially the toddler K's favorite Christmas song, and in particular she likes the Juanes version that's on the Superestrellas En Navidad album. She really shakes her hips to it.

Si me ven, si me ven, voy camino de Belen

Tuqui tuqui tuqui tuqui/ tuqui tuqui tuqui ta/ Apurate mi burrito/ que ya vamos a llegar!

Okay, I like it too. I'm not so into the Christmas songs that are just English translations -- like the 'All I Want for Christmas is You' in Spanish. For that, I'll stick to Mariah. Or the young girl from Love Actually. I'm not really a fan of Hugh Grant, the man, but I'm a sucker for most of his movies. Especially this one. And About a Boy. And Four Weddings and a Funeral.