The Bouncy, Inflatable Burro December 05 2010


My Mexican eyes deceived me today. When I first saw this inflatable, bouncy horse (and I am just realizing its a horse as I Google it), I totally thought it was a cute little burro. It does look like a burrito, right, with its short legs and big ears? Hello! I'm not the only one that sees burro pinata, right? See the resemblance:

This little inflatable burro belonged to the son of one of my co-workers. I have no idea what the toddler K thought it was, but she hopped right on it and started happily bouncing away.

The reviews for the Rody horse/pony all seem to be pretty good. I like that it's inflatable, which means when you're done with it you can deflate and store easily. Here's the description:

The Gymnic Line Rody Horse is a favorite with children! Made in Italy from super strong yet soft latex-free vinyl for long lasting use and durability, this horse is a great exercise product for indoors and smooth, safe outdoor surfaces. Promotes body coordination, balance and lymph circulation while providing a fun workout. Recommended for ages 3 through 5 years.

You can also put it on a rocking base to make it a rocking burro. I like the red burro. They run about $40. Pretty adorable.