Dear Santa -- Bring Batteries For All Those Comatose Toys Lying Around December 07 2010

I'm thinking of sending the Big Man in the Red Suit this letter:

Yo, Santa:

I would like several boxes of batteries for Christmas for all those comatose toys we have lying around. See, the husband loves to buy toys for the toddler that use batteries to dance, sing, light up or do general foolishness. It's probably a guy thing. I try to avoid them as much as possible because there's nothing sadder than a dying electronic toy thaaat caaaaannnnn'ttttt gooooooo or taaaalllkk anymooooooore.

I need all sizes, especially AA and AAA because our remotes now have no batteries, either. A few D's and C's too. **snap, snapping fingers** Steer your brain back, viejo -- I'm talking about BATTERIES, not BRAS here. I need enough to last us the year.

Wonder which kinds of toys kids prefer, anyway? The toddler seems to love her singing munecos, but she gives much love to the ones who don't talk, too. Any insight would be helpful.


Mama C