Matisyahu: Do You Believe in Miracles? December 16 2010

I've had this fantastic, soul-filling song playing in my head for the past week. It's my new favorite holiday song, and I say holiday because it's not a Christmas song -- it's a pop song about Hanukkah. It's by Matisyahu, a Hassidic reggae artist from Brooklyn. He wrote this really great essay on NPR -- and is interviewed in the accompanying radio piece on All Songs Considered -- about the dearth of good Hanukkah songs, Adam Sandler's song notwithstanding, and how Christmas albums outnumber Jewish albums 227 to 1. But an interesting thing is that so many of the great Christmas songs we've come to cherish, like White Christmas and The Christmas Song were all written by American Jewish singer-songwriters. I knew that, think I saw it on a PBS documentary once. Well, this is a Hanukkah song, and it's the best holiday song I've heard in a very long time. It's really uplifting and just makes you feel good about life, love and believing. It's everything that a holiday song should be.

Here's part of the lyrics, and you have to listen to it on the video below. Then go download it on itunes. And have yourself a Merry Festivus!

Bound to stumble and fall but my strength comes not from man at all
Bound to stumble and fall but my strength comes not from man at all

Do you believe in miracles
Am I hearing you, so am I seeing you
Eight nights eight lights and these rites keep me right
Bless me to the highest heights with your miracle