At Home Remembering What I Had Forgotten December 22 2010

Spending Christmas at home, or my "home" in South Texas reminds me of the details that I love and loathe about this place.

*** Stickers -- cadillos -- are everywhere. Como una vieja chismosa metido en todo. Get on your shoelaces. In the carpet. In the car. In the towel I am drying myself off with. In the toddler's pamper, what the? I thought cadillos were a fact of life everywhere in this world until I moved away from here. I always had a fear of running through grass because I thought it'd be like running through pushpins with all the stickers everywhere. Then, like three years ago, I realized nice soft sticker-free grass does exist in places besides golf courses.

*** Breakfast tacos -- and no, a flour tortilla with egg is not a breakfast burrito. It's a taco. Mmmmm, chorizo con huevo; bacon, bean and cheese; or barbaccoa + homemade tortilla de harina = felicidad. Salsa picante mandatory.

*** Living in a town so small you don't need a car to get around. Although growing up we thought walking four blocks was far. Guess under 100-plus degree scorchers it is. Am borrowing my grandpa's pick-up truck when wheels are mandatory.

*** Living in a town so small you can walk everywhere -- but beware of perros callejeros that will race up to you while barking like mad. Walking with a big stick or rock mandatory. And so is making rancho sounds like tch-ta! to shoo them away.

*** The sound of church bells ringing, beckoning is one of my favorite things in this world. In a small town that sound isn't heard by happenstance. It's clockwork.

*** Navy blue skies dotted with a zillion brilliant stars. Unless there's a storm, it's every night.

*** Spotting Bambi and his mom on the side of the highway. Or a million Bambis this time of year.

*** Space to run. Lots of wide open space. The toddler is having a blast testing out her new "running" legs.

Anyone else at home--loving, disliking all that you had forgotten about?