¡Mucha Lucha! December 27 2010

I saw these ¡Mucha Lucha! plush dolls last week in downtown Laredo at a toy store called BB Toys -- written in the same font as Toys 'R Us. Yeah, so I was thinking ooh, **deal** if it's a rip off store. It was two days before Christmas, crazy crowded and a madhouse in there -- probably because a lot of shoppers just aren't crossing the border nowadays because of the ongoing narco war. I had to leave my mother waiting outside in the stroller while me and the husband plowed through in search of gifts for a niece and nephew. The store had shelves along the edges but all in the middle was just boxes filled with Made in China toys. I usually am up for a good hunt for a bargain, but this place was suffocating, not to mention full of mostly crap toys that break in a few weeks. For that, I'll hit up the Dollar Tree. I walked out empty-handed, and opted to buy old-school games like Candyland and Connect Four to give as gifts instead.

Anyway ... about the dolls ...

¡Mucha Lucha! the cartoon never hit my radar when it was out, in the early 2000's, but seems like it would pass muster. The characters have names like Rikochet and Buena Girl, The Flea and El Rey. You can build and name your own luchador on the Mucha Lucha website.

If I were a luchadora, I'd name myself La Mama Dama. Maybe. Hmmm, gotta think about this. I could also riff of Mujer Maravilla and be La Mama Maravilla. Wonder Mom! Me gusta.