Uvas Para la Medianoche and Black-eyed Peas for New Year's Day December 31 2010

It's becoming a New Year's Eve tradition in my house that my husband and I stay home, make a nice dinner, have some wine and decadent dessert -- then champagne and a dozen grapes at midnight -- then peace, lights out! We do the uvas thing -- or my husband does and I've adopted it now, too -- but I'm not wearing yellow underwear and I don't have new clothes on, or any other New Years-ish traditions. Champagne and grapes is enough.

It's T - 3 hours til midnight as I write, and the toddler K is already fast asleep in her room upstairs, so it's nice and quiet downstairs. No more child bouncing from couch to floor, throwing her toys over the baby gate into the kitchen, pulling the dogs' tails, banging on the laptop keys while she Skypes with the grandparents, taking food out of her mouth and handing it back to me all slobbery, telling me "no, no, no!!!" for every-friggin-thing. I miss her when she's asleep. But dinner will be good tonight ... no taking down bites between keeping the toddler K from feeding the dog from the high chair.

My husband made a pork loin with a grapefruit sauce, and I made an endive salad with dried cranberries and walnuts, and mashed potatoes with garlic, rosemary and brie, in lieu of butter. It smells delicioso :P

I've enjoyed these quiet evenings at home over the past three years. I'm sure it won't be this way forever. I mean, we sure do enjoy a good fiesta. But we have a toddler right now, so going out involves getting a sitter, etc., etc. Plus, we don't live too close to extended family and friends so if we went out it'd probably just be us two, anyway. So I'd rather stay at home and have some peace and quiet to think about all that's happened in the past year, and all that I hope for in the upcoming year. Many things, but I'll take it one day at a time.

Tomorrow we'll be going over to a friend's house in Philly for a New Year's Day lunch, which I'm sure will include black-eyed peas. Between the uvas and BEP's hopefully we'll have enough suerte to last us til next Dec. 31. Here's what Walter Mercado says we have in store. Always a good read.

I wish everyone a blessed, healthy and happy New Year! Y sobre todo, mucho, mucho amor!