Sweet Stroller Sacos to Keep Baby Warm January 19 2011

When we visited Madrid this past Fall I noticed that most of the babies being pushed around in strollers (or as my grandmother calls them -- bogecitos) were bundled in the most beautiful stroller blankets -- and of course, I developed major saco envy. These sacos de silla were nothing like the blah grey flannel and wool one we bought at Marshall's last year. So practical. So boring. So modern American baby.

These sacos were actually made for strolling. See and be seen. They are so damned darling, classic and sweet that they make my ovaries go aw. They're glorified almohadas with ruffles, embroidery, bows and florecitas. And, get this -- many of the ones I saw were white. WHITE! Who thinks that baby and white can go together? These mamas have more cojones than me.

I ended up buying a pink and grey one, which I have not even used because we haven't used the stroller much outside this winter because we are cold weather wimps. Also, I just don't want to get it dirty. It's too pretty. Maybe the espanoles can shrink-wrap these in plastic for the Latinos to use. Yeah, cover it in plastic, just like grandma's couches.

Note: To be fair, I have seen some cute stroller blankets stateside -- like these by Dwell Studios. I just haven't seen many "classic-looking" ones.