Don't Cringe: Snooki Is One of Us January 27 2011

By now you've probably already heard the _____ news that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is one of us. Don't be afraid. It's true, we share the same ethnicity. See here as she explains:

That's sooooo post-modern. I love it and am totally going to steal it. If we're gonna really make this post-racial America a reality, forget the prez because Snooki might be leading the charge there. I'm totally teaching the toddler K to say that -- even though she's not really the tanning kind as far as I can see.

I undulate between Hispanic, Latina, Texican or Mexican-American in describing myself -- depends on my mood or where I'm at or what circle I'm in. I'm not all wedded to one label or another like I was when I was younger. In the end, I've realized most people really don't see the difference and mean no harm when they call you one thing or another, so no need to get into a tizzy. Besides, Snooki is onto something. As our country continues to churn its melting pot, soon we'll all be tan so it won't matter.

Snooki's Chilean but was adopted by Italian-American parents. Modern Family en vivo. I have a soft spot for Snooki. She's like a little trash-talking Gremlin. She's funny, and, she's also a best-selling author now. And getting her own spin-off show with Jwoww -- so just in case you thought she was going away soon she isn't. Go on, girl, with your tan self.