C'Mon Ride the Train April 03 2011

This weekend the toddler K had her first ride on a bonafide choo choo -- versus those quarter sucking ones at the mall that only send her into a screaming and clutching frenzy. No, this was the real deal, an Amtrak train. I know, not as impressive as those high speed trains in Europe or Asia, but it'll do. Actually, I get pretty dizzy looking out the window so those trains would probably make me blow chunks.

So where did we go? Just down the road to Philly. It's a two-hour ride, by car or train. For the last month and a half I've done a lot of work travel, but this weekend since it was so close -- and since I miss her sooo much when I'm away -- I decided to bring the K along and had a friend who lives in town help watch her while I worked. I'm not sure the toddler noticed that it was any different than an airplane ride -- other than they gave her a paper conductor hat and a Thomas the train coloring book and some crayons. And of course, she threw the crayons on the ground and I got a brutal cramp on my neck trying to fetch it. And then I'm there scrunching my face in pain and I get a whiff of you-know-what. And the bathrooms had no baby changing station. Bad Amtrak. Bad, bad Amtrak. And where's a flight attendant selling wine when you need one?

By now K has been on at least ten airplane rides, including two international trips -- and she's been a pretty great little traveler, but now that she's hit 20 months I think we're gonna have to put the pause button on that for a while. She's just really wiggly right now and needs constant stimulation or else she spirals out into whining and crying and hitting and throwing. At least on the train you can get up and walk a bit, and you get more space than in a plane.

So turn up the Quad City DJ's ... !!!