Un Dia Feliz Con Mi Hijita May 08 2011

This Dia de las Madres was pretty great. Nothing extraordinary -- I mean, I did start out the day getting my own behind out of bed and making my own coffee. And that pretty much was how the day went, pretty routine. I actually prefer to keep the holidays -- any holiday -- low-key. We went out for lunch at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in the DC-area, in Seven Corners in Virginia, and that alone made my week. It probably made my mother's week, too, because she loves to go get Vietnamese with me just to find the Com Chin Ga on the menu. The como chinga.

I actually got my Mother's Day gift last week after I got out of the hair salon. The husband and toddler met me outside when I was done, and the husband had a little bag with him. And I kept asking -- jodiendo -- what it was, who was it for until finally he was like, Okay, it's for you. I was like -- wow, you're a whole week early. He was like WTF why didn't the cashier tell me it was next week?! I guess if it ain't bought at the last minute it just don't feel right. It was a lovely necklace and earrings and I've been wearing them all week. Nothing fancy, but just my style.

This is the second year I celebrate Mother's Day as a mother, and tonight as I rocked the toddler K to sleep I was thinking how fast it's gone by -- and then thought, wow, this child is really getting too big to be rocked to sleep every night. Thing is, I really do enjoy rocking her to sleep. It's probably because after her bath and a few bedtime books, she's pretty much ready to pass out by 8 or 8:30-ish. No long drawn out night scenes where I'd need to reach for the final straw bedtime book Now Go the F*$k to Sleep. I'm sure at some point I'll need that book. But for now, she just melts into sleep in my arms, and I love smelling her freshly lotioned cuerpecito and holding her close to me because I know these moments will soon be gone ... unless I'm like the psycho mom in Love You Forever and drive to her dorm or house when she's married and take a ladder with me to climb in the window to rock her to sleep. Don't get me wrong, love the book. But it is total overbearing mama gallina. I'm giving it til she sleeps in a toddler bed, then she can fall asleep on her own.

Anyway, I hope all mother's out there had a wonderful day! And to all my mothers -- my mom, my step-mom, my grandma and my mother-in-law -- las amo a todas.