Where's a Paletero When You Need One? June 08 2011

All I heard today on the news here in DC today was how friggin hot it was going to get and be careful and stay indoors and keep hydrated, blah, blah, blah. It got up to 99, and yeah, it was hot and it doesn't feel so awesome to have the backs of your thighs sticking to the bus stop bench or to have sweaty pits or melting skin foundation, because that's real sexy, right? But it was tolerable, and when I compare it to the days when it snows or ices and the temperature dips below 20, well, I'll take the heat ANY DAY over the cold. I'm originally from South Texas where it gets really, really hot. I was in Laredo two weeks ago, in fact, and every time the wind blew through the 110, yes, 110 degree temperature, it felt like someone had turned on a hot blow dry in my face.

The way I see it, you can't complain about the cold and hot weather. You gotta pick a team, because otherwise you're just a complainer. I'm team Caliente. Even if I'm uncomfortable, I suck it up and sit there with my sweaty pits and sticky arms and legs. Better than the cold, I remind myself. I don't like the cold because when it's really cold, it physically hurts and I wanna cry because I feel like I'm going to freeze to death.

So, being that we are Team Caliente in my house, we got some paletas de coco from the little Latino grocery store near our house to help cool us down. Oh, and speaking of hot Laredo, Texas, whenever I go shopping in downtown Laredo the first thing I do is go searching for a paletero to buy my favorite paleta of all: paleta de arroz con leche. Oh, its heavenly and will make any 100+ day melt away.

I totally wish I had paletero man passing by the front of my house honking the little horn on their carrito.