Callate La Boca June 13 2011

Cue Vicente Fernandez and all the mariachis ...

Yo se bien que estoy afuera/ Pero el dia que yo me muera/ Se que tendras que llorar/ Llorar y llorar, llorar y llorar/ Diras que no me quisistes/ Pero vas a estar muy triste/ Y asi te me vas a quedar.

Oh, the saddest child in the world, boo hoo. Well I can mock her all I want but the toddler K's onesie says what she's probably really thinking at that moment -- Callate La Boca, lady...and put away that camera.

When I'd cry or throw a tantrum as a little girl my mother used to always tell me que fea me veia, and I remember that sometimes it slowed down my tantrum, but other times it just accelerated my anger and just make me spiral into a kicking, screaming and hyper-ventilating meltdown. Somewhere in my mom's house is a polaroid of me having a toddler breakdown. Ah, polaroids. Those were the days.