Songs that Remind Us of Our Fathers June 18 2011

I heard a piece on NPR's All Things Considered yesterday afternoon that made me pause and a get a little choked up and lost in my own thoughts as I dug deep into the memories I have about my own childhood and my father, who passed away a few years ago. The story was about the music our father's listened to when they were our age. I was around four years old when my dad was my age, and along with lots of classic country and Vietnam-era groups and artists -- like Santana and Creedence Clearwater Revival -- the Steve Miller Band was definitely the soundtrack of that particular time. It was the soundtrack to carne asadas or cleaning days, and my older brother and I loved it. When my dad wasn't playing that record on the big stereo, we had it spinning on our little Fisher Price record player in our room. My brother and I loved Abracadabra, and would just die anticipating the line "Black panties in an angel's face." We thought it was sooooo bad and would get beyond giddy with that line because we knew it was something not meant for children's ears.

A few hours later last night, I was at the grocery store when CCR's Have You Ever Seen the Rain? came on over the intercom, and it caught me unawares, and I thoughts of the NPR story and of my dad and it being Father's Day this weekend and I got that huge lump in my throat -- the one that's holding back a torrid of emotions. It's amazing how music can do that, connect you with the people you love, or people you've loved in a different time. Happy Father's Day dad. I'll play a song for you on your day.